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5 Bible Reading Fails

5 Bible Reading Fails Posted on Feb 7, 2020 by: Jason Cusick At the time of writing this, I am 280 days into a One-Year Bible Reading Plan. I read through the whole Bible when I was in seminary, but this is the only other

Lament and Thanksgiving Psalms

Introduction During the Focus message series Pastor Jason taught on the lament or "complaint" psalms. About 70 percent of the psalms in the Bible are lament psalms, and one important lesson they teach us is that God can handle our strongest emotions! Jason challenged us

Growing Deeper Means Growing Together

Growing Deeper Means Growing Together Posted by: Jason Cusick I just left the first session of a Freshman Orientation meeting with my son who is starting college next week and I want to share with you something I heard that really pumped me up. They

Town Hall Q&A

Town Hall Q&A Posted by: Journey of Faith We received about 180 RSVPs for the Town Hall Business Meeting. About 1/3 of those included questions which fell into a few specific categories. Pastor Jason’s answers are based on the broad overview of each topic and

Breaking Free From Our Unhealthy Patterns

Breaking Free From Our Unhealthy Patterns Posted by: Jason Cusick Our memories of past experiences form patterns of expectation that can help or hurt our ability to deal with change. One of the most significant changes in my life was the death of my father

The Role of Elder at Journey of Faith

The Role of Elder at Journey of Faith Posted by: Jason Cusick In a recent ENEWS, Pastor Jason talked about how we work as teams at Journey of Faith. We got great responses from that article along with a lot of really good questions about

Wild! Daily Reading Plan

Wild! Daily Reading Plan Posted by: Journey of Faith Who is this man Jesus? He challenged people’s comfort, did outrageously miraculous things, taught really radical ideas, and took risks when other people wanted to play it safe. He’s wild! Between now and Easter we are

Doing Life Together

Doing Life Together Posted by: Jill Lewolt The subject line was “Sad news from the Lewolts”. I was heartbroken and numb as I wrote an email to our life group to tell them about our miscarriage. It was the kind of news that should be

When Things Change

When Things Change Posted by: Jason Cusick Since taking on the role of Lead Pastor over three years ago, I have had the joy of leading this church through some times of significant change. We’ve had changes to our ministry offerings, staffing, and how we communicate