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Share Your Story

Because your story is important to God, it’s important to us.

Why We Tell Stories

Story telling is one of the most powerful tools on the planet.  One important thing for us to remember is that we don’t share our stories to make ourselves look good. None of us want to look like we’ve got it all figured out. We share our stories because we want to tell people about how God has shown up in our lives.

Telling our stories is an important part of what God wants us to do.  Our stories of victory, strength, and faith need to be told to encourage others.  At the same time, our stories of pain, difficulty, and struggle need to be shared, too. We are real people with real problems, but we believe in a real God.  We’d love to hear how God has impacted your life!

Following Jesus isn’t just a something to do on Sunday, but instead a relationship filled with hope and strength that gets us through every season of life.


What’s Your Next Step at Journey of Faith?